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GEHENNA “Adimiron Black” /Super Jewel Box CD/

  • GEHENNA “Adimiron Black” /Super Jewel Box CD/

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    Band: GEHENNA
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Re-release of the fourth full-length album by Norwegian Black Metal band.
It was their first release for Moonfog Productions. They must be one of the least known quality Metal bands hailing from Norway. They started as a Black Metal band that used keyboards to create dark atmospheres. When they released “Adimiron Black”, they had developed into a Death Metal band, but still with some of the Black Metal feeling in their sound. “Adimiron Black” is a very good album if you like your Death Metal a bit atmospheric. They use the keys in all the right moments, creating a really bleak and negative soundscape. The negativity that Gehenna creates is very good (although it’s a paradox to call negativity good I’ll do it anyway). This is not a band trying to be rock stars or to ride the latest trendwave. It’s straight from the heart and that is how music should be performed. The overall sound holds a good balance making sure the bass are audible too, which is rare. The dirty sound “hides” some atmospheric sounds that are found when listened to some times. This is an album that will grow on you the more you listen to it, unlike some that seem good at first and then just fades away.
If you are a negative person and miss a soulmate, buy “Adimiron Black”!!
Fantastic reissue in a deluxe super-jewel box format full of extras, including as bonus the songs of the EP “Deadlights”, two rare demo tracks, a cover of Darkthrone’s “Transilvanian Hunger” and an unreleased instrumental track!!
Peaceville Records, 1998/2011 (CDVILED346). Made in UK. Pressed in Netherlands.

1. The Killing Kind     3:39 
2. Deadlights     5:38 
3. Adimiron Black     6:18 
4. Seeds Of Man's Destruction     3:56 
5. Devils Work     7:41 
6. Slowly Being Poisoned     4:01 
7. Eater Of The Dead     4:58 
Bonus Tracks:
8. In Mother's Tomb     6:11
9. Master Satan     4:06 
10. Adimiron Black (Demo)     7:01 
11. Embryo (Machine Of Doom)     6:29 
12. Transilvanian Hunger     5:26 
13. Live Intro     4:54
Total playing time: 70:18

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