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  • FUNERAL SPEECH "E Tenebris" /CD/

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Debut full-length album by Russian Progressive Death Metal band.
The main reason of this band's foundation was a try to perform the personal death metal vision of every band's member in one project which was not possible in their previous bands. The style of Funeral Speech's music was influenced by different metal bands from all over the world such as At The Gates, Sadist, Cynic, Death, Vader, Grip. Inc, Hypocrisy, etc. and it's continuing to progress and develop with every new song but still staying a display of different sides of melodic death metal. The band has a great stage experience and was a member of a lot of fests and tour concerts.
Sound Age Productions, 2010 (SAPCD 172)

1.Lie is All Around 06:28
2.Kingdom of Hypocrisy 04:50
3.Feeling the Pain 05:19
4.Blind Faith 05:40
5.Free from Darkness 06:13
6.Blood on the Hands 05:41
7.It's So Easy to Kill 04:55
8.The Evil Iniside You 07:06
Total playing time: 46:12

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