The second full-length album by Spanish Melodic Death Metal band. 
15 tracks of modern, very polished Melodic Death Metal. It is clear from the start that these guys are pros already. Frequency’s musical style takes influences from Swedish Metal, sounding like In Flames or Soilwork at times. There isn’t anything to complain about the instruments either. They all sound very professional indeed. "The Flow" is very easy listening. Time goes by quickly when listening to the album, being that it is one hour long. The pace is pretty fast, but they slow things down in the middle with an instrumental track "The Day After" and the aforementioned ballad, "Spoil", before continuing with faster Metal.
The singer Santiago Barbero has quite a range going from basic growling to cleaner singing to a ballady style in "Spoil", effortlessly. The drummer Ignacio Merino does very neat work with the pacing. Guitarists David Gañizares and Juan Angel Lopez along with bassist Pablo Gómes also produce enough energy and ”supporting fire” to keep the machine rolling and sound really good.
Listening to the album expires after an hour to…"Expire", a slower track (with some violins) as if to say goodbye after a journey together. See you again soon. "The Flow" is a very good album and Frequency is no doubt a very good band!!
Izkar Producciones, 2014 (IKR 02). Made in Spain. First press.

1. Breathe 01:55
2. Conjunction of Senses 04:06
3. Other Beigns 04:11
4. Fast Forward 04:34
5. Rebellion 04:40
6. Blizzard 05:02
7. Through the Glass 02:59
8. The Day After 01:18
9. Of a Thousand Suns 04:10
10. Spoil 04:55
11. Salvation 05:42
12. Sickness 03:37
13. Winter 04:48
14. Monument 05:49
15. Expire 02:45
Total playing time: 60:31

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