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FREQUENCY “Rotten Empire” /CD/

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Debut full-length album by Spanish Melodic Death Metal band.
Frequency, among the huge flow of bands that has been stretching the definition of melodic Death Metal into diverse boundaries, is exactly the right same spot where both In Flames and Soilwork stopped making authentic and highly acclaimed melodic extreme music. Frequency have their moments with great riffs, cool harmonies that will take you to better days of In Flames, and great solos and amazing keyboards’ coverage (when inserted) al’a Soilwork.
The band can be recognized as modernized Melodic Death Metal and playing it nicely. “Feed The Lambs” and “Cocaine”, as top tracks of the release, should be their ball and chain for the following releases.
In general, the band were produced well on this album with a sound pattern of early 00's type of Modern Death Metal, and most importantly, they are talented at what they do.
Ten songs with high sound quality, strong guitars followed by drums and bass lines full compenetrated, without forget the great work of the singer, who has been capable of give form from the darkest screams to catchy and soft melodies!!
Suspiria Records, 2011. Made in Spain. First press.

1. Alone I Dwell 05:07
2. Inner Masquerade 04:42
3. Roy Pribeaux's Loveless 03:04
4. From Yesterday 04:12
5. Feed the Lambs 04:37
6. Cocaine 04:18
7. I Must Die 03:31
8. As You Created Hell 05:02
9. Story Devourer 03:35
10. A Shadow That Revolvers 05:24
Total playing time: 43:32


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The second full-length album by Spanish Melodic Death Metal band.  15 tracks of modern, very polished Melodic Death Metal. It is clear from the start that these guys are pros already. Frequency’s musical style takes influences from Swedish Metal, sounding like In Flames or Soilwork at ti..

€ 4.90