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F.R.A.M. "April' Door" /Digipack CD/

  • F.R.A.M. "April' Door" /Digipack CD/

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    Band: F.R.A.M.
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The debut album of the Kiev band performed in the style of "medieval" metal, combining in an alchemical mixture of quaint old sound of bagpipes, violin and singing a gentle roar of rampant guitars, interspersed with Gothic restraint and whimsical lyrics, dedicated to the philosophy of love and death. Band appeals to the sophisticated eclecticism, which connects to an indivisible whole motley mysterious world of the Middle Ages and the reality of the modern city of neon, through which peeps the unity of all time and the persistence of the nature of human emotions.
The album simply cannot find the response, as the metal fans and lovers of high quality of folk and medieval music, both in owners of the Gothic attitude.
Perechrestok Records, 2010 (PR 31 CD)

1.Двери Апреля/April’ Door 05:06
2.Семь Птиц/Seven Birds 03:51
3.Ветер и Скрипка/Wind & Violin 04:57
4.Королева/Queen 05:50
5.Твоя Поступь Легка/Your Walk Soft 04:53
6.Накануне Зимы/On The Eve Of Winter 05:26
7.Эпилог/Epilogue 02:50
Total playing time: 32:53

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