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FORGOTTEN WINTER “Origem Da Inexistência” /Digipack CD/

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The second full-length album by Portuguese Symphonic Black Metal/Ambient band.
Forgotten Winter play Symphonic Orchestral Black Metal with Space cosmic thematology. Band combines Raw Black Metal with Symphonic synths and the overall result sounds very melodic, retaining at the same time its Extreme roots. “Origem Da Inexistência“, which translates to “Origin Of Inexistence” has 6 long compositions lasting for 46 minutes. Their music is synth-based and keyboards have the leading melodic role, both in the bombastic orchestral parts of their compositions and in the more atmospheric parts. Guitars have a more accompanying and rhythmic role, but they are quite loud in the mix, adding more depth and power to the songs.
Their music has become much more tight and the ambient songs of their past releases are now absent. The band has found a great balance between the Underground Black Metal aesthetic and Symphonic Melodic Metal. Most of the vocals are Extreme Black Metal screams, but there are also Atmospheric spoken parts and some amazing breathtaking clean male vocals.
Even if this Atmospheric “Cosmic” Black Metal genre is usually down tempo, Forgotten Winter’s music moves in relatively fast tempos, with many faster outbreaks. There are some brilliant moments in the album and all compositions seem much more mature and complete with a great sense of melody. Song titles and lyrics are in Portuguese.
"Origem Da Inexistência" is by far the best work of Forgotten Winter, totally recommended to fans of Atmospheric Symphonic Black Metal. Taste their beautiful music and allow their melodies take you to a cosmical epic journey…
Kristallblut Records, 2013 (KBR004). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Cosmos da Alma 07:24
2. Vespertina Transmigração Astral 07:15
3. Chuva II (Nuvens Noctilúcias do Ser) 07:41
4. Anoitecer dum Pulsar 07:07
5. Antares 05:01
6. Amanhece a Era da Grande Unificação 12:04
Total playing time: 46:32 min.


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