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FORGOTTEN (TK) “13 Martyrs” /CD/

  • FORGOTTEN (TK) “13 Martyrs” /CD/

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Debut full-length album by Turkish Epic Symphonic Doom/Heavy Metal band.
First Epic Metal band and one of the oldest and most respectable bands of Turkey Forgotten was formed in 1995 when Tolga Otabatmaz. After two great demos “Conquer” and “Retreat” the band has stopped its activity for 9 years! During this stagnation period Innsmouth Productions released band’s two demos with three extra songs on CD under the name as “Through The Fields Of Battle 1996-1999”. In 2008 founder member Tolga Otabatmaz whose flame of Heavy Metal was still alive inside of him decided to make the long awaited album of this historic name and got to work to record the album titled “13 Martyrs” to be dedicated to all warriors who fought and died side by side for their flags. After two years of hard work for the recording, the album that was done by the experience of seventeen years is ready to be unleashed by the Austrian record label Noisehead Records.
The album that can be named as journey from classical music and Folk music to Heavy Metal, from battlefields to shamanic rites at the same time will conquer your ears and souls with the catchy and emotional melodies and riffs, blasting drums and great clean melodic vocals!
Noise Head Records, 2012 (NHR0812). Made in Austria. First press.

1. Conquer     05:42 
2. War of the World     03:10 
3. Living In My Gods     03:30 
4. Shaman     04:52 
5. Father     05:30 
6. Song of the Wood     07:45 
7. Agony Cries     06:02 
8. Shadows     05:00
Total playing time: 41:31

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