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FORET D'ORIENT “Venetia” /Digipack CD/

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The debut full-length album by Italian Symphonic Black/Death Metal band.
"Venetia" is a concept album dealing with historical and cultural episodes linked to the Most Serene Republic of Venice, that is the nation the band is son of. Lyrics written in Venetian, Latin and Florentine language.
Epic and Atmospheric Extreme Metal enriched with baroque orchestrations. Foret D’Orient’s trademark is the presence of an orchestral harpist into the lineup. The mixing is fairly even, the music composed wonderfully, and the use of the more traditional instruments, hand-in-hand with gritty, darker music, is quite refreshing. The guitars by Marino De Angeli are, at times, flowy and melodic with beautiful tone while, at others, are fast and technical, yet also rhythmic with the signature tremolo-picking progression found in a lot of Black Metal. Emiliano Rigon blasts away on drums with speed and precision, oddly fitting for the more traditional style this band takes, and not overbearing when need be. Marco Barolo rips a bass in conjunction with the drums with a dirty, rumbling tone. He and Emiliano share keyboard duties together, shifting back and forth between piano and dark pipe organs. The vocals by Roberto Catto are fierce and gutturally forceful, however operatic when bound to the instrumentals, and always on-point with pitch. Finally, the band’s full-time harpist, Sonia Dainese, plucks delicately and beautifully at “Venetia’s” melodic moments, adding that extra touch needed to make the music that much better.
“Venetia” is a vibrant album from start to finish, putting us in this foreign place wrought with culture, allowing us to walk through with splendor and wonderment. The legends of days past would be proud of this effort, taking the extremes of their world and joining them with the extremes of ours, blended together into something fresh and gorgeous.
For fans of: Amon Amarth, Ancient Rites, Crown of Autumn, Borknagar and early Dimmu Borgir!

1. Sacrum Militare Oratorium 01:58
2. A Reitia 04:10 
3. Dal Mare alla Terra (Adhuc Viventi) 04:57
4. Lepanto 06:50 
5. Sogno de Vis 05:12
6. Dominio da Mar 06:24
7. Adagio in Sol Minore 03:34
Total playing time: 33:19


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