FLEURETY “Et Spiritus Meus Semper” /7" EP/

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Fifth EP by Norwegian Progressive Black/Avant-garde Metal band.
Fleurety took the format to bewildering new lands, dabbling in Jazz, Electronica and Avant-garde long before the experimental BM album became a worrying cliche. Sadly, Fleurety only gave us two full-lengths proper but over the past few years they’ve been trickling out new material on a series of 7”s on long-time home Aesthetic Death. "Et Spiritus Meus Semper Sub Sanguinantibus Stellis Habitabit", an epic title that translates as “And I will always live under the blood-stars” is the third in the series and its proof that true innovators never really stop. A rival to Fleurety’s past work in both technicality and complexity, Hatlevik and Nordgaren have pulled off a skilled ensemble performance on "Et Spiritus…", the session performers’ times in Virus and Arcturus giving them plenty of experience with such oblique structures, and the result is a remarkably smooth performance, even as the songs themselves seem to spiral headlong into the cliffs of bewilderment. It may be a cliche but it’s difficult not to throw words like ‘inspired’ around in the light of such work: Fleurety might be Avant-garde darlings and they certainly owe a great deal to the likes of John Zorn and Arvo Part but this is as fierce a Black Metal release as you could hope to find.
3rd vinyl in the Fleurety series. Limited to 666 copies Orange Vinyl includes printed inner sleeve and sticker!
Aesthetic Death Records, 2013 (ADEP 004). Made in UK.


Side A:
1. Degenerate Machine     6:33 
Side B:
2. It's When You're Cold     6:02

Total playing time: 12:35

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