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FLESH GRINDER "Crumb's Crunchy Delights Organization" /CD/

  • FLESH GRINDER "Crumb's Crunchy Delights Organization" /CD/

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Fifth full-length album from Brazilian Gore Grind band. 
Flesh Grinder's sickest work to date. This new carnage has 16 gruesome tunes entirely based on the trash movie "Bad Taste".
For fans of Dead Infection, General Surgery, early Exhumed and Blood Freak.
Black Hole Productions, 2008 (BHP 017)

1.They Like to Play with Their Food 03:14
2.Watch Out... Here Comes Derek 01:10
3.Gruesome Party 01:34
4.Special Pus Sauce 01:11
5.I'm with the Guts 01:20
6.Kicking a Decapitated Torso in the Balls 01:57
7.Brains Are Spoon Food 02:53
8.Homo Sapiens Low-calories Delicacies 02:30
9.Sapiens Burger 02:48
10.Vomitous Delicious 02:37
11.Suck My Spinning Steel 01:40
12.We, the Food 02:02
13.Kaihoro 01:24
14.Traditional CCD Fetus in Jelly Jar 01:42
15.Trash Nausea Total 02:01
16.Stick All the Pieces in a Plastic Bag 02:56
Total playing time: 32:59

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