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FESTERGUTS “Heritage Of Putrescent” /CD/

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The debut full-length album by Russian Atmospheric Death Metal band.
Despite the fact that band was formed back in 1993 this is their first official album, and it was released after 20 years of band’s creating!! The album consists of re-recorded songs which were previously released on MCs (mainly during the 90's).
Despite the fact that the songs were created a considerably long time ago and also represent different years, the album's sound is rather fresh and powerful. Musically, the album is made in Festerguts' trademark style - old school Death Metal with keyboard and operatic soprano backing vocals. Such combination allows making the sound monumental with a gloomier feel. We can hear some cool and even unique Death Metal here. Festerguts' style is described as Atmospheric/Semi-Symphonic Brutal Death Metal, and it's true! Right off the bat, opening song "Above A Cold Body: Pre-Funeral Preparations" takes the listener by surprise; Brutal Death Metal with classical female vocals (courtesy of Viktoria "Filth" Belchenkova)!!
"Heritage Of Putrescent" is a well-written assault of mainly fast tempo and riff-orientated Death Metal, and should remind people of genre heroes like Deicide and Cannibal Corpse, and even Spanish Death dealers Avulsed (especially vocally). The bass sound is clear and one can really follow some of Ivan's bass runs easily, while Sergey, who is responsible for some of the programmed parts, has managed to bring some needed depth to the song structures.
The album's title is fully reflected not only in their music but also in the cover art. A family, in a fit of madness, is eating the guts of their late relative. The cover artwork idea was embodied by Canadian horror actors and models (the youngest model at the moment of the photo session had barely reached age of two!).
The album it truly offers something a little bit different. Viktoria deserves some of the credit for pushing the envelope with her classically trained voice. Brutal Death Metal with occasional female vocals sounds absurd, insane even, but it works surprisingly well on "Heritage Of Putrescent"! Check this record out!!
Gormageddon Productions/More Hate Productions, 2013 (STEAK 009 / MHP 13-109). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Above a Cold Body: Pre-Funeral Preparations 01:30
2. Now I Can Feel You from Inside 02:58
3. Besmeared with Blood and Viscera 03:01
4. Dissolved Bathers 04:20
5. On the Bloodsoaked Bridal Bed 03:30
6. Cannibalistic Perversion (Self-Butchery) 04:11
7. Mistress of Putridity 06:00
8. Gorge the Grumes 06:02
Total playing time: 31:32


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