FEAR FACTORY “Remanufacture - Cloning Technology” /CD/

“Remanufacture”  is a remix album of the second album “Demanufacture” 
by Fear Factory, released on May 20, 1997. It is sometimes considered
to be the band's third album, and the sequel to “Demanufacture”.
First press. Made in Germany.
Roadrunner Records, 1997 (RR 8834-2)

1.Remanufacture" (Demanufacture) 06:43
2.National Panel Beating (Body Hammer) 04:38
3.Genetic Blueprint (New Breed) 04:23
4.Faithless (Zero Signal) 05:25
5.Bionic Chronic 00:35
6.Cloning Technology (Replica) 06:01
7.Burn (Flashpoint) 05:04
8.T-1000 (H-K (Hunter-Killer)) 04:07
9.Machines of Hate (Self Bias Resistor) 05:50
10.21st Century Jesus (Pisschrist) 07:10
11.Bound for Forgiveness (A Therapy For Pain) 06:00
12.Refinery 03:03
13.Remanufacture 05:26
Total playing time: 64:40

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