Sophisticated superb black metal.
Second album of well known Spanish black metal band!
For fans of Dimmu Borgir.
More Hate Productions, 2006 (MHP 05-043)

1.The End Of The Show 04:57
2.Conqueror's Mask 04:14
3.In Emptyness I Dwell 03:27
4.The Crusade 04:32
5.For Your Gods 04:46
6.Look At The Dust 04:10
7.Black Spirit 04:43
8.War Horn Sound 05:08
9.Hanging On The Edge 04:35
10.Is That You, Melissa (Mercyful Fate Cover) 04:30
11.Emperor Of The Unforgiven Ones 04:59
Includes the videoclip of "Hanging On The Edge".

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