EZURATE "An Ending to Revelations" /CD/

Re-release of the compilation album by American Black Metal band.
10 songs from the demo years '93-'97, except "Black Angels Rising" and "Emperor of Evil Has Won", which are more modern songs.
For fans of: Mayhem, Marduk and 1349.
Rotting Corpse Records, 2004/2008 (RCR 009)

1.Black Angels Rising 05:02
2.Damnation 05:39
3.Whispering Sorrows 01:26
4.Congregation of Evil 04:01
5.At the Shade of The Dark Weeping Cypressess 05:17
6.Darkest Immolation 04:00
7.Blackness of Night 01:19
8.Black Prayer 05:31
9.Born Unto Sin 04:22
10.Emperor of Evil Has Won 03:25

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