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EVERSHINE “Renewal” /CD/

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The debut full-length album by Italian Power Metal/Progressive Hard Rock band.
Melding Stratovarius with Rhapsody of Fire, Evershine unleash their storming and long awaited debut "Renewal"!
Italian Power Metallers bring their all with their debut release, utilizing influence they have, from J-Rock to Prog nothing is left out, and whilst it may sound complex this album is a collection of concise and focused tracks.
Breaking through with the track "Evershine" we’re taken into a world of J-Rock, this is something wouldn’t be out of place on the next massive anime serial. But what sets this band apart is the brilliant amount of positivity that their music fills you with, even with "Angel/Killer" going into some pretty dark material, the mood remains positive, even more so than your average Power Metal band. This band use synth Progressives perfectly, "Demon’s Run" has Dragon Force-written all over it, from the thundering double bass paired with a twin guitar attack that rivals that of Herman Li and Sam Totman. Whilst this album is over the top (even for Power Metal) this isn’t something that makes this experience suffer, it works on every level.
"A Chance To Be Free" is another track of pure unbridled Power from this band and yet, it’s where we get to see the softer side of Evershine, with a mix of flute and string work and medieval guitar work, yet it’s in the vocals of Marco Coppotelli that we see come truly to life, flowing with such passion and powerthis is a remarkable track, filled with passion and soaring atmospherics, flowing onto the Power riffs shown throughout "Here We Come". Whilst the sugary synth used on this album, might not always be to everyone’s taste, it’s use within this record elevates this band into something more than just another Power/Prog band.
"Faith and Dreams" is the most Dragon Force-esque track on here, but with such power that the reference is forgotten instantly, this track is a little less sugary than most on this record, which aids very well in breaking down some tracks that in some cases can seem a little dull especially you’re not well acquainted with modern Japanese Anime or J-Rock, but as this record progresses through to the last track in "Where Heroes Lie" we find an apt and brilliantly sculpted track on which to leave this journey.
The killer keyboard solo that at first seems somewhat contrived and confused once in full flow is a beautiful piece of work which when paired with the guitar work that weaves though it gives you a feel of how stunning this finale actually is.
"Renewal" is an album that is testament to what can happen when an independent hit the band with an ample budget, this is ultimately an independent recording and for a band such as this, it’s important to remember that the guitars are flawless, going through leads and solos breathtakingly perfect, it seems something that should be instantly obvious, this should prove just how talented these guys are!
Selfreleased, 2011. Made in Italy. First press.

1. Evershine 3:41
2. Angel/Killer 5:12
3. Run 3:56
4. Demon's Ride 4:13
5. The Storm 6:34
6. Chance To Be Free 7:12
7. Here We Come 4:10
8. Faith And Dreams 4:49
9. Where Heroes Lie 7:49
Total playing time: 47:36

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