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ETERNAL OATH "Re-Released Hatred" /CD/

  • ETERNAL OATH "Re-Released Hatred" /CD/

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This compilation is the remastered re-release of the cult debut EP and cult debut full-length album on one CD by Swedish Symphonic Doom/Death Metal band.
Finally, this rare cult releases from band of ex- Mörk Gryning member is available again!
It’s pretty rare to come across a Death Metal band some full of atmosphere and melancholy, yet Eternal Oath has managed it on their first two albums, now released together on the aptly titled “Re-released Hatred”. The albums included here are “So Silent” and “Through The Eyes Of Hatred” plus an At The Gates cover here “The Fevered Circle”.
The foundation of the Swedes’ music is powerful double-bass driven mid-tempo Death Metal but completely drenched in beautiful melodies created either by keyboards, both subtly symphonic or lush piano parts or evocative lead guitar playing. To add some contrast to this not too heavy type of Doom-laden Death Metal the vocals consist of a very deep growl that simply sounds marvelous.
Two things that make Eternal Oath a very good band are the balance in the music and the consistency. Seeing as this disc spans over 70 minutes it gives you plenty of opportunity to see what the band is about, but no matter what song is playing the band will always perfectly incorporate the different elements. Heavy melancholic riffs coupled with plenty of melodic elements whilst still being very powerful! Quite amazing and as such highly recommended!!
Re-edition contains bonus cover track and includes a completely new, re-designed booklet!
Black Lodge Records, 2006 (BLOD 010CD). Made in Sweden. Pressed in Austria. 

1. The Dawn     4:56 
2. Harmonic Souls Departed     3:47 
3. So Silent     5:05 
4. Insanity     4:44 
5. Eternal Rest     5:02 
6. Dream Of Rising     4:30 
7. Beyond Forgiveness     3:36 
8. Without Tears     5:48 
9. Angels Of Deception     4:05 
10. When The Dreams Die     4:03 
11. The Funeral Winds     5:32 
12. Lost Somewhere Between     4:04 
13. Through The Eyes Of Hatred     4:34 
14. The Secret Flame     4:34 
15. Soulpoem     4:02 
16. The Fevered Circle     4:32
Total playing time: 72:54

Tracks 1-6 taken from "So Silent" EP 1996.
Tracks 7-15 taken from "Through the Eyes of Hatred" debut LP 1999.
Track 16 is an At the Gates cover.

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