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Debut full-length solo album by Brazilian Heavy Metal/Shred guitarist-virtuoso.
A mix of musical genres with various ethnic influences from the world's fastest guitarist.
The CD contains some really great tracks. Among the songs on the CD also has the performance, the impressive speed of 320 bpm, Nikolaj Rimskij-Korsakov’s "The Flight of the Bumblebee" which sealed the entrance to the Vega Tiago in the Guinness Book of Records in 2008 as the fastest living guitarist in the world. His name is usually cited on international guitarists' website, such as Steve Vai, John Petrucci and Yngwie J. Malmsteen.
Tiago played in bands like After Dark and Fermatha, both from Caxias do Sul- Brazil, his hometown. With the last one he recorded the CD entitled "Advent of the Truth". Vega again beats his previous record of 340 bpm with 370 bpm in Japan.
A real masterpiece and musthave for every guitar/shred fan!
SG Records, 2010 (SGCD010). Made in Italy. 

1. Bugus 03:02
2. Destiny 04:32
3. Caprice 24 03:31
4. Lost 03:29
5. Violet Rose 03:48
6. Distant Dreams 03:50
7. The Flight of the Bumblebee 00:46
8. Acalanto 04:18
Total playing time: 27:16

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