THE UNDEAD FAMILY "En el Silencio" /CD/

Second full-length album by Spanish Death 'n' Roll/Stoner Metal band. Slow Death Metal with Stoner Rock elements and a lot of dark atmosphere. There are a lot of great riffs and many clean guitar parts, great bass and a very good drummer. There are a lot of keyboard themes and some percussion added. The voices are in Atmospheric Death mood and there are also some female vocals, always in Spanish. Their music is somewhere between Stoner Rock, Death and Roll and peeping to Death Metal. In some songs they sound like GOREFEST of the “Chapter 13”and “La Muerte” eras. The production of the album went some years back since it hasn't that polished touch that almost all modern productions have. And that's good. Overall “En El Silencio” is an album that, despite the exotic sound it has due to the Spanish language, is a fun CD that fans of 'stone' and Death & Roll Metal, with vocals that lean to Death Metal, will like. Not something new in the scene but it's well played and you can see that the band likes what they are doing and they are playing with their hearts!
Casket Music, 2008 (CSK174)

1. The Great Overture
2. En el Silencio
3. Demonios
4. Mefisto
5. El Sepulcro
6. El Final de Mi Vida
7. Into the House of Wax (en el Museo de Cera)
8. 1377
9. Obsession
10. Nadie
11. No Muerto
12. Muerte Ven
13. Sombras del Pasado

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