THE AGONY SCENE "Get Damned" /Slipcase CD/

Third and last full-length album by American Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore band.
Their first two albums were amazing, crafting their own sound, and bring a lot of darkness to Metalcore. However with this release, they took some major steps back. On their third album The Agony Scene pays tribute to legendary Swedish Metal and exhibits that there are still bands capable of branding punishing Metalcore. And here The Agony Scene sounds like In Flames. The band's formula is also standard: dueling guitars, commonly-placed breakdowns, screaming vocalist, double bass, et cetera, et cetera. The songs are three- to four-minute scampers, bordering on Melodic Death Metal in most cases. But for some reason this is dubbed “Metalcore” in this day and age. The band apparently has had several line-up changes and each one has altered its sound. Williams has said the band made a strong attempt to get back to the writing and style of their self-titled record.
The cover art that is most commonly displayed is not the true "cover", to say; it is merely a cardboard slip-cover. The small, inverted coffin (superimposed with a ↓/downward-facing arrow) is a cut-out window in the outer sleeve, which exposes a portion of the art beneath it.
Recommended for fans of In Flames and Melodic Death Metal fans in general!!
Century Media Records, 2007 (CM8341-2). Made in USA.

1. Barnburner 03:06
2. Predation 03:28
3. Dances With Devils 03:02
4. Adversary 03:29
5. White Nights 04:15
6. Rapture 03:22
7. Deliverance 02:47
8. Rattle Me Bones 02:29
9. The Opposition 03:04
10. Will to Bleed 03:08
11. Old Scratch 04:30
Total playing time: 36:40

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