SHADOWBREED “Only Shadows Remain” /CD/

The debut full-length album by Dutch Death Metal band.
Great mix of old school Death Metal mixed with Viking/Pagan Metal.
A very solid effort of Viking-inspired, thunderous and up-tempo Death Metal like the Dutch answer to the mighty Unleashed, yet also recommended for fans of Bolt Thrower, Hail Of Bullets or Demonical! Put down your beer mug and start headbanging!!
Painkiller Records, 2011 (PKR-016). Made in Belgium. Pressed in Netherlands.

1. In The End (Intro)     00:30 
2. Warcraft (After 2001 Stories)     02:47 
3. In The Shadow Of Ygorassil     03:12 
4. Victoriously Born     02:37 
5. Battlerager     03:39 
6. Path In The Dark     03:42
7. Warriors Blood     04:05 
8. Lost Ways Regained     04:00 
9. Keeper Of The Seasons     02:31 
10. Avatar     03:23
11. ...Only Shadows Remain     03:10
Total playing time: 33:36

Samples:  http://www.lastfm

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