REDRUM “Mephisto Opressor” /CD/

Black/Death metal from Russia.
PaS Records, 2007, (PaS004)

1.Sa Astridan Sondiczilless 02:37
2.I Am [Atropos Kaa] 06:11
3.Eyecloser [suizide version] 04:05
4.Satis[fuck]tion 04:40
5.Uizilopotchtly [A Bloody Centurion] 01:39
6.Mephisto Opressor 05:35
7.Silence Ov Dead Lambs 03:22
8.Ominous World 04:41
9.Nameless War 06:21
10.Dominate [Morbid Angel Cover] 02:52

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