PENDACT "Days Of War" /CD/

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Debut full-length album by the French Melodic Death Metal band.
Pendact take inspiration from key bands of the Finnish Melodic Death Metal scene and makes their own sound out of it. Influenced by Children Of Bodom, Imperanon and Norther, these guys offer a fresh take on the style!
Pendact has survived the usual growing pains of solidifying a lineup and deciding a definitive stylistic direction to record a debut album. Though more of a melodic Death Metal band, Pendact falls within the Folk category for the most part, without loosing heavier influences of Children of Bodom. All in all it makes their debut a pleasurable listen.
The intro is a 2 minute opus that perfectly indicates what styles of music is contained throughout the album. It’s somber, it’s pretty, it’s Folk, and there is some Metal buried in there. By the time "Lies and Hypocrisy" starts, the only thing left to discover is the vocal style. Though strong, the grunt and gritty style isn’t anything new. As a listener you could safely say the vocals resemble that of Ensiferum, Children Of Bodom, or any other band with a similar vocalist. This isn’t to take away from the band. The vocal style is common, but also appropriate for this style of music. The album is just over 40 minutes and contains a wide arrangement of Folk and Thrashy bits; enough to keep things interesting from beginning to end. Songs like "Northern Star", "Last Judgment", "Silent Nightmare", and "Sacrament" are shorter and direct while "Betrayal" and "Lies and Hypocrisy" are longer and have a more epic feel to them.
Overall, the album is good and it is a strong effort. Band make great use of Folk elements with rhythmic and sometimes headbanging Thrash. Though their similarities with other bands take away a bit from originality, this will fade over time and Pendact will stand out more on their own with future albums!!
M & O Music, 2012 (M & O Music 045). Made in France.

1. Intro (Walk Alone)
2. Lies And Hypocrisy
3. Betrayal
4. Last Judgement
5. Sacrament
6. Northern Star
7. Pendact
8. Day Of War
9. Silent Nightmare


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