NAIL WITHIN "Nail Within" /CD/

The debut and only full-length album by Israeli Melodic Death/Thrash Metal band.
Formed by former Betrayer, Azazel and Betzefer members, the band is heavily influenced by the Swedish Melodic Death Metal, with influences from such bands as At the Gates, Dark Tranquility, In Flames and The Haunted, as well as old school Thrash Metal, with influences from bands such as Slayer, Kreator, Sepultura and Testament.
The album features few known guest vocalists: Tomas Lindberg of At the Gates and Disfear, Mille Petrozza of Kreator, Robert Gonella of Assassin and Ze'ev Tananboim of Salem! Also, the band's drummer on the album is Nir Nakav of Salem. Also the album was produced by famed Thrash Metal producer Harris Johns and Salem singer Ze'ev Tananboim.
Obtaining the services of Kreator and Sodom producer Harris Johns was also quite a coup, as his past experiences with these Teutonic purveyors of ultra-Thrash played right into Nail Within's desired Death-Thrash aesthetic. As a result, the band's material possesses a timeless quality which both hails back to Thrash Metal's untainted early years, while keeping a firm grasp of modern sensibilities championed by its direct byproducts: Death and Black Metal.
Short, powerful, crunchy bursts like "Inhuman Conditions", "Dirty Coloured Knife", and "Elastic" are prime examples, while longer, more complex compositions like "My Wallow" and "King Obscenity" manage to push the envelope a bit, using melodies and additional textures to great effect. Vocalist Yishai Swearts, though capable enough, doesn't really assert himself as a true force here, which might explain the occasional use of guest vocalists (Kreator's Mille Petrozza and ex-At the Gates front man Tomas Lindberg), but this isn't to say his diminished role detracts from proceedings.
All in all, Nail Within's was a very promising debut!
Listenable Records/Irond Ltd., 2003 (IROND CD03-493). Made in Russia. Used: very good.

1. Emblazed 2:30
2. Inhuman Conditions 3:04
3. Dirty Coloured Knife 2:59
4. Bleed Forever 2:38
5. Under The Spell 2:54
6. Elastic 3:47
7. Mental Corrin 2:37
8. My Wallow 4:15
9. King Obscenity 4:18
10. Impure 2:23
11. Last Nail 5:11
Total playing time: 36:36


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