MYSTERIOUS PRIESTESS “Agency Of Fate” /Digipack CD/

Debut full-length album by Japanese Progressive/Melodic Death Metal band.
Sound based on Northern Viking Metal, mixed with Jazz, Progressive and Japanese mythology, music of this band sounds really unique. A highly acclaimed testimony of their unique and epic songwriting signature!
For fans of Ensiferum and Cynic!!
Nazo Miko Records (Selfreleased), 2012 (NZMK-0001). Made in Japan.First press.

1. Intro 01:58
2. Swear Vengeance Against God 03:14
3. Summon the Guardian Angel 05:50
4. Amaterasu 04:35
5. Seven Moons 06:52
6. Victors in a Battle 05:42
7. Wintermute 03:50
8. Eternal Calmness 06:37
Total playing time: 38:38


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