LEASH LAW "Dogface" /CD/

Debut and only one album by American Power Metal band with ex-members of Crimson Glory, Death, Iced Earth… and more!!!
Leash Law is not some weird experimental crap band but rather an unexpectedly good mix of traditional Heavy Metal coupled with some bastard child of US and European Power Metal.
Black Lotus Records, 2004 (BLR/CD061)

1.Fight 04:26
2.Dogface 04:39
3.Stealing Grace 04:41
4.Hail to blood 05:24
5.Banion 04:11
6.Better When Betrayed 04:24
7.Martial Law 04:15
8.Hellhole 05:03
9.Paving The Way 03:26
Total playing time: 40:29

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