FROM THE VASTLAND "Darkness VS. Light, The Perpetual Battle" /CD/

Debut full-length album from Iranian Black Metal project.
Arx Productions / A5 Production, 2011 (AX-011 / AP-011)

1.Dawn 01:30
2.Ancient Dream 05:40
3.Eternal Antagonist Of Vohu Manah 05:54
4.The Light Of Revelation 05:20
5.Glacier 01:59
6.Tishtrya The Rain Client 07:09
7.Nine-day Battle (Keresaspa The Brave) 04:39
8.Serpent Empire Of Angra Mainyu 05:23
9.Thousand Years Of Eternity 07:06
10.Vayu 01:42
Total playing time: 46:22

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