More Hate presents the debut album of Frigus Et Obscurum – a Moscow band formed in 2004. The musical style of Frigus Et Obscurum has substantially changed since the formation of the band. Today it is angry and dark black metal in Norwegian style admixed with Swedish black metal - at times dissonant and at times straightforward, containing elements of dark-metal. It was definitely influenced by such bands as - Mayhem, Dark Funeral, Carpathian Forest, Burzum, Balance Interruption.
More Hate Productions, 2010 (MHP 10-071)

1.Intro (Serpents Hiss The Name) 01:32
2.In The Name Of Chaos 04:09
3.Anthem To Satan 06:43
4.When The Dead Go Marching In 05:04
5.Destiny Of North 03:54
6.Dying Kingdom Waltz 04:24
7.Skies So Black So Dark 06:48
8.Humanfall 04:46
9.Necropriest 04:41
10.Berserker 04:47
Total playing time: 46:48

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