DOOMSTER REICH “The League For Mental Distillation” /CD/

Debut full-length album by the Polish Psychedelic Doom/Heavy Metal band.
This band came together, to create their own interpretation of Heavy Rock music in vein of Black Sabbath, Hawkwind or Electric Wizzard. Especially Ozzy and his band mates during their "Paranoid" period seem to be the biggest influence for these Polish rockers.
The presented six songs have already been recorded back in 2012 and are rich in variety. Heavy doomed guitars and a fine melodic lead guitar, offering some really fine melodies, taking you on a journey back to the 70s, where music was made far away from any genres or style boundaries. Everybody just played, what was in his mind and so Rock music in its various forms was born. Warm keyboard sounds in the background bring back some memories of the good old hammond organ. Influences of classic Heavy Metal as well as some Doom Metal are mixed together with pure classic Rock.
Incredible mixture of raw Heavy Metal, Hard/Doom Rock, classical Doom Metal with elements of Psychodelia and Kraut Rock. If you are into this kind of music or simply need something different during the hot summer period, check these guys out!
For fans of: Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Slough Feg, Hawkwind, Ozric Tentacles, Frank Zappa, Celtic Frost and Autopsy!!
Selfreleased, 2014. Made in Poland. First press.

1. John Woe 06:45
2. I Ate Some Desert Diamonds 07:15
3. Comfort of Conscious Demise 04:47
4. Pornosopher's Dream 06:50
5. I'll Shoot You Down 03:47
6. In Storms 13:26
Total playing time: 42:50

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