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The sixth full-length album by legendary British Melodic Alternative/Hard Rock band.
The album marked a musical departure from their signature sound. After the lackluster performance of "Adrenalize", Def Leppard realized it was time to abandon their trademark wall-of-guitars sound. Jettisoning producer Mutt Lange - who, admittedly, was busy producing his wife, country singer Shania Twain - the group stripped its sound to the basics for "Slang". There are very few layers-of-guitar effects on the album, just straight, crunching chords. Most notably, Rick Allen has returned to playing acoustic drums after playing an electronic kit for nearly a decade. The change in approach is apparent and welcome - Def Leppard hasn't sounded so immediate since "Pyromania". Furthermore, they decided to expand their musical vocabulary slightly, working elements of R&B and Funk into the rhythms. Not all of the experiments work, but Def Leppard sound revitalized, particularly when they attack a straightforward rocker. "Slang" would have been even better if they had come up with a set of hooks that sounded as alive as their performance, but the album is a much-needed return to form for the band.
"Slang" is the first album with new material to feature new guitarist Vivian Campbell (Campbell had previously played on B-side collection "Retro Active" in 1993 and on the new song on "Vault" compialtion a year earlier). It charted at #14 on The Billboard 200[6] and #5 on the UK Albums Chart. It is also the only Def Leppard album that does not feature their recognisable logo on the album cover.
Bludgeon Riffola/Mercury Records Ltd. (London), 1996 (532 486-2). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Truth 3:01
2. Turn To Dust 4:22
3. Slang 2:38
4. All I Want Is Everything 5:20
5. Work It Out 4:50
6. Breath A Sigh 4:07
7. Deliver Me 3:04
8. Gift Of Flesh 3:48
9. Blood Runs Cold 4:27
10. Where Does Love Go When It Dies 4:05
11. Pearl Of Euphoria 6:20
Total playing time: 46:02

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