CROWN THE LOST “Cold Pestilence Hope” /CD/

The third and the final full-length studio album by American Power/Thrash Metal band.
Originally available strictly on digital platforms in 2011, "Cold Pestilent Hope" finally getting the CD release. Crown The Lost hit the studio in the first half of 2010 and recorded “Cold Pestilent Hope”, their by far best album. Recorded at Soundscape Studios in the band’s hometown of Pittsburgh, PA with producer Dave Watson (Argus, Mantic Ritual, Hero Destroyed), "Cold Pestilent Hope" found Crown The Lost further exploiting its Melodic Thrash Metal template, and is the logical extension from the band’s sophomore "Blind Faith Loyalty" album. Songs like “Breathe into Emptiness”, “In Defiance of Sanctity” and “Forgotten and Damned” bear the mark of Mallah’s versatile clean vocals, meshing seamlessly with the band’s knifing rhythms and melodic leads.
Unfortunately, Crown The Lost disbanded after the recording and didn't manage to release the whole album through a label as a farewell to their fans until the end of April 2016, when “Cold Pestilent Hope” was released the first time on CD by German Ragnarök Records!
Amazing album from an amazing band!!
Ragnarök Records, 2011/2016 (RAG 003). Made in Germany. Pressed in Poland. First press.

1. Pray For Death
2. Separate Blood From Waste 
3. Breathe Into Emptiness
4. In Defiance Of Sanctity
5. Solitude And Failure
6. Eyes Without Sight
7. Bloodsoaked Serenity
8. Consumed
9. Cold Pestilent Hope
10. Forgotten And Damned
11. Inexorable
Bonus track:
12. Bound To Wrath (Version 2007)
Total playing time: 56:09 min.

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