BUTTERFLY TEMPLE “Dreams Of North Sea” /CD/

The third full-length album by the Russian Pagan/Folk Metal band.
Viking Metal for fans of: Moonsorrow, Ensiferum and Manegram. What we have here is a Folk/Viking Metal band which is nothing short of amazing. Butterfly Temple plasy an enraged form of Epic Slavonic Pagan Metal. They tend to be very fast pace and are very high in the intensity category. Therefore this aspect of their music could be compared to bands like Skyfire, Cob and also Nokturnal Mortum, in the sense that their music is aggressive and in your face.
The recording on this album is also in the vein of those bands particularly the two former. Excelent, excellent production!
The vocals on this album are very screamy Viking in the vein of bands like Cadacross and Ensiferum. However adding to the variety are clean male and female vocal.
Perhaps the most interesting thing overall about this band is the huge amount of ethic instruments they incorporate. They have flutes, fiddles, and much more.
So in conclusion this is among the elites of Viking Metal, do whatever you can to get these guys albums these guys are amazing, and you fellow Viking fan will drool over this!!
Enhanced CD features bonus video.
Irond Records, 2002 (02-219). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Into The Fog... 2:22
2. The Blood Will Overflow The Rivers 5:58
3. Mermaids 0:55
4. Solstice 4:38
5. Kupalo And Kostroma 3:18
6. Dreams Of The Northern Sea 5:08
7. Shoremaid 1:14
8. Along The Sea 4:28
9. Stribog's Grandsons 0:19
10. Vikingtid 3:30
11. Odin's Wolves (Acoustic Version) 4:36
12. Tale About Babylon City And Tugarin The Serpent 1:40
13. From The Varangians To The Greeks 2:41
14. Farewell / Out Of The Fog... 3:31
15. Last Battle Of The Gods 2:40
Total playing time: 46:58

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