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American re-release of the fifth full-length album by the Russian Depressive Black/Doom Metal band.
From Russian lands Emptiness Soul arrive with proper and effective album that features a handful of songs that despite their simplicity inside leaving just a good feeling. Band's formula has no secret - it's Death, Doom, Dark and melodic cuts.
On the one hand we have very common Doom Metal, on the other - slow and depressive melodic gift. Think about mix of Rapture, early Katatonia, The Morningside, Slumber or forgotten Forest Of Shadows, and add the piece of the first records of Sculptured.
We can hear a lot of emotional baggage here, with occasional colorful piano, and typical chorus without overdose.
Crushing yet majestic Depressive Black/Doom Metal!!
Metallic Media, 2012/2013 (METALLIC 018). Made in USA.

1. Expectation 3:15
2. First Day - Birth 9:45
3. Second Day - Perception 10:55
4. Third Day - Dying Soul 11:00
5. I'd Like To Love You 5:30
Total playing time: 40:25


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