EMPEROR "Emperor/Wrath Of The Tyrant" /CD/

Remastered re-release of the demo “Wrath Of The Tyrant” and the first EP “Emperor” on one CD, by cult Norwegian Black Metal band.
There are two versions of this re-release; the Candlelight Records version has the cover of the “Emperor” EP and features video footage of live performances from the band, while the Century Black version has a different cover and lacks the video footage.
This is your chance to revisit one of the darkest, most atmospheric stuff the underground has ever seen. A true cornerstone of the early 90s Norwegian scene and an absolute must-have for all Black Metal fanatics!
Re-edition contains multimedia part with very rare, exclusive footage of pre-“In The Nightside Eclipse” rehearsals and live footage from Emperor’s first tour 1993!!
Candlelight Records/Heavy Metal Rock, 1992/1993/1998/2011 (PLCD53279). Made in Brazil

1. I Am The Black Wizards 06:16
2. Wrath Of The Tyrant 04:14
3. Night Of The Graveless Souls 03:10
4. Cosmic Keys To My Creatiosn & Times 06:22
5. Introduction 01:09
6. Ancient Queen 03:15
7. My Empire´s Doom 04:31
8. Forgotten Centuries 02:49
9. Night Of The Graveless Souls 02:54
10. Moon Over Kara-Sheher 04:23
11. Witches Sabbath 05:40
12. Lord Of The Storms 02:08
13. Wrath Of The Tyrant 03:56
Total playing time: 50:47

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