EMERALD NIGHT "Король Эльфов / King Of The Elves" /CD/

The fifth full-length album (third officially released) by Russian Melodic Folk/Symphonic Black Metal band.
Emerald Night has signed to Musica Production for the releasing their second official CD release.
"King Of The Elves" is an album with a mysterious fantasy atmosphere, the logical continuation of their previous work "Mirror Of Trolls". Band moves in the same Melodic Sympho Black style, with many Folk influences and frequent changes of mood. Rapid melodies alternate with Black Metal parts and female vocals (Runa and Darrana) are combined with Black Metal screams.
Many guest musicians participate in this work, including Demether Grail (longtime vocalist and leader of Arcane Grail), Arsafes (Kartikeya) and Fedor Vetrov (Ветер Воды, Невидь, Омела).
Musica Production, 2012 (MP-66). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Король Ольхи 6:06
2. Дрёма 5:15
3. Сердце Королевы 5:47
4. Руна Победы 5:52
5. Ночная Симфония 5:39
6. Тристан Изо Льда 4:44
7. Оборотень 3:16
8. Берсерк 3:23
9. Демонизм 2010 5:54
Total playing time: 45:56

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