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EBLIS “…And Our Time Announces Black” /Digipack CD/

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    Band: EBLIS
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Re-release of the debut and only full-length album by Polish Black Metal band.
This album consists of Symphonic/Cinematic Black, Viking/Folk, Doom/Rock, and Neoclassical influences. This combination is very weird but Eblis pulled it off in 30 minutes of excellence. To give you the best view of Eblis' music - Emperor meets Empyrium with Wintersun influences. Without doubt, all three bands added up don't even come close to Eblis. An accurate view would be to any fans of the Symphonic Black scene from 1997 till 1999 will absolutely love this release.
Eblis use the acoustic guitar a lot with atmospheric keyboards. The riffs are very interesting and even turn into solos after the choruses. The choruses are very fast-paced and evil but yet so melodic. The vocals are your typical Black Metal shrieks but very well sung with the melodies of the songs. This album produces so much anxiety and sadness but also knowing Nazgul has passed away.
The satanic lyrics are there to be seen but their lyrical themes more as sadness and sorrow. Back in 1997, being an evil Black Metal Metalhead was just a character that you chose to be so you can be accepted in the scene.
"... And Our Time Announces Black" is actually a very rare album to find. You can't even find this bloody thing anywhere. No one probably will realize how epic and great this release is due to its rarity. So, this re-release in nice digipack is musthave for every Metalhead. No matter what genre you're a fan of - you will love this album.
Majestic, Epic & Atmospheric Black Metal in old Scandinavian style!
For fans of early Dimmu Borgir and Limbonic Art!!
Faithless Productions, 1997/2010 (FP 006). Made in Poland. First press.

1. Fall Of The Usher 3:23
2. ...And Our Time Announces Black 4:30
3. Ceremony (Dance Macabre) 7:01
4. Travel Through Eternity 6:08
5. Rite Of Pass Away 7:25
6. Last Dream In Darkness 1:50
Total playing time: 30:17

Samples: http://www.lastfm

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