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DREAMTALE “Epsilon” /CD/

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The fifth full-length album by the Finnish Melodic Power Metal band.
This re-release of band's originally self-released 2011 album "Epsilon".
With all the progress that has been going the European melodic Metal scene, when it comes to contemporary 80s modulated Metal music, some wish to stay behind and smell the fortunes of the past. In the case of the thirteen years running Dreamtale, from the Finnish iced plains where there is barely light, slanting on the late 90s Euro Power Metal has been their thing all along. Throughout their long career, and it can be considered long, they choked the life out of harmonies, great guitars meet keyboards melodic settings and catchy fragments in order to stay safe but not on the loop as lots of other bands following their style. It is certainly not a bad thing of course as every musical career has its different decision making and reasoning, but in the long run material, no matter how catchy and accessible to others, should be zinged a bit in order to capture more attention.
Without wasting any time with overtures, Dreamtale went straight with the opening “Firestorm” in with full throttle speed riffing, catchy rhythms and haunting melodies, sticking hard to the back of the head like a leech. Aside from this particular track, this whole album smelled like a sort of fusion of early 90s Stratovarius, old Helloween and Labyrinth among others where speed, melody and divergent keyboards gathered for a smooth run.
Generally, “Epsilon” is more than a decent release. It shows a lot of passion to the melodic end of Metal music. Dreamtale are one of the truest bands of the Euro Power Metal wave. Nevertheless, it would be proper to take some slight experimentation in order to not let their listeners to stumble upon yet another album that would end its effect after the first listen.
This is still pretty much the standard for generic Finnish Power Metal. They are a better band than they used to be, producing some genuinely catchy songs like "Angel of Light" and "Fly Away", but their sound is still entirely derivative of bands like Stratovarius and Helloween.
IceWarrior Records, 2011 (IWR-20). Made in Germany.

1. Firestorm     04:30
2. Angel of Light     04:04
3. Each Time I Die     05:13
4. Where Eternal Jesters Reign     03:33 
5. Fly Away     05:08 
6. Reasons Revealed     04:48
7. Strangers' Ode     05:58
8. Mortal Games     03:45
9. Lady of a Thousand Lakes     05:51
10. March to Glory     06:28
Total playing time: 49:18

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