DRAUGEN "Among the Lonely Shades" /CD/

After 10 years of activity, Draugen delivers their first album about 50 min.
It combines the efficiency of a black metal sometimes old-school and fast
with melodic, powerful, fast and captivating atmospheres.
Ancestrale Production, 2011 (AP05)

1.Welschenberg wird mein Grab 02:01
2.Totenkammer 09:43
3.Wolves Howl Again 06:07
4.Vielleicht besteht nichts 03:13
5.Time of Sadness Is Coming 10:01
6.Alone In the Land of Frost 07:11
7.Uber kalte Flussel und schneebedeckte Walder 02:53
8.Forgotten Times 11:53
Total playing time: 53:02

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