DRAGGING ENTRAILS “Landfill Of The Butchered” /CD/

Debut full-length album by Norwegian-American Brutal Death Metal band.
After a year a few issues with the sound and the cover it´s finally complete! Bulldozer Slam Death Metal with members of Kraanium, Expurgate and on this album members of  Devour The Unborn, now also includes members of Parasitic Extirpation!
Killer Release!!
Morbid Generation Records, 2013 (MGR006). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Pale Bitch Bludgeoning     00:48 
2. Misogynistic Clitoral Flaying     01:44 
3. Leper Cunt     02:32 
4. Defile the Disabled     01:53 
5. Phallic Cysticercosis     02:22 
6. Landfill of the Butchered     00:47 
7. Meat Cleaver D-Cupitation     02:34 
8. Infatuated Labia Disgorgement     02:33 
9. Embryopaste Lubrication     02:53 
10. Slamdozer     02:36
Total playing time: 20:42

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