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DIVINE RAPTURE "The Burning Passion" /CD/

  • DIVINE RAPTURE "The Burning Passion" /CD/

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Second full-length album by American Death Metal band.
Founded on the intention to create true musical forms and challenge thoughtful minds, DIVINE RAPTURE is poised to emerge on the Death Metal scene with blinding intensity that stirs the subconscious and challenges the listener to obtain a reflective, deeper understanding of self and self in environment. The music exhibits astonishing harmonic clarity and brutality that is reinforced by a variety of influences in several genres. The lyrics draw on personal struggles and so become very real and tangible and applicable to a variety of personal paths.
Line-up features members of: Abraxas, Total Fucking Destruction, Hate Eternal, Monstrosity… etc.
Be prepared for masterpieces from an entity whose impact will reach across boundaries!
Recommended for fans of VILE or DECAPITATED!!
Listenable Records/CD Maximum, 2003/2004 (CDM 1004-2038). Light shabby on the disc surface.

1. The Kindling 00:53
2. Your Time Has Come 04:32
3. Severed 03:15
4. My Demon, Your Dove 03:27
5. The Deifying, The Sorrow, The Awakening 03:24
6. Funeral Mist 07:16
7. Affliction of Faith 03:07
8. Black Moon Harvest 02:52
9. Spirit Storm Serenade 03:01
10. No Future, No Past 04:49
11. The Smothering 03:04
Total playing time: 39:40

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