DIMINISHED "Origin Of Apocaylpse" /CD/

The highly anticipated 3rd full-length album from Texas's Ultra Brutal Guttural Technical Death Metal band.
This CD is sure to crush all!!
Amazing artwork done by the Mighty Zig.
Sevared Records, 2012 (SR-189)

1.Abdicating the Throne 02:15
2.Origin of Apocalypse 02:28
3.Secretion of Bile 02:30
4.Shattered by the Reformations 02:58
5.Uninhibited 03:33
6.Forced Fed Gratuitous Amounts of Semen 04:47
7.Tearing Back the Flesh 06:17
8.Divine Rite 04:18
9.Inializing the Beginning 03:53
Total playing time: 32:59

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