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DIABOLIQUE "The Green Goddess" /CD/

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The third full-length studio album by cult Swedish Darkwave/Gothic Rock band.
Diabolique's "The Green Goddess" is a consistently Melodic Darkwave effort with a strong Goth Rock influence. For the most part, this CD isn't Goth Rock per se; nonetheless, Diabolique has been heavily influenced by the Sisters Of Mercy and other Goth bands. All of the adjectives that are typically used to describe Goth Rock - dark, gloomy, moody, shadowy, brooding - describe appealing Diabolique offerings like "Substancer", "Winter Blue", and "Remedy". In its own depressing, pessimistic way, Goth Rock is unapologetically romantic, and the same thing can easily be said about this Swedish band's Post-Goth brand of Darkwave.
This CD dreams of happiness and fulfillment, but in Diabolique's world, those things are difficult - perhaps even impossible - to find. Although "The Green Goddess" is mildly uneven, the material is memorable more often than not. All things considered, this is an enjoyable, if imperfect, disc that will appeal to Darkwave audiences who like a lot of Doom and Gloom in their music!
Necropolis Records/Orion Music Entertainment, 2001 (OME001). Made in Argentina. First press.

1. On Through The Night 3:51
2. Remedy 4:10
3. Innuendo 4:31
4. White Nights, Blue Lights 4:21
5. Models 4:59
6. Winterblue 5:33
7. All For You 4:25
8. Elysée 3:16
9. Snowblind 3:46
10. Substancer (Emperess Of Flowers) 4:05
Total playing time: 42:57

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