DEVOURING HUMANITY “Devouring Humanity” /CD/

The debut full-length album by American Brutal Death Metal band.
Grant and Brian of Artery Eruption have issued the maximum of sick and insane stuff, which is possible. This is probably the best record of the full music history of these maniacs so far.
Californian Death/Grind for the sick!!
Lord Of The Sick Recordings, 2016 (LORD-001). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Suffering of Biblical Proportions 06:13 
2. Devouring Humanity 01:46 
3. Demoralized 03:27 
4. Slams to the Dome 01:36 
5. Ruthless Scum 05:44 
6. Vigilance Consumed 02:29 
7. Gutturalspewage 05:53 
8. Brutality Acomplished 06:15 
9. Trail of Blood 03:01
Total playing time: 36:30 min.


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