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DESTRÖYER 666 “Defiance” /CD/

  • DESTRÖYER 666 “Defiance” /CD/

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The fourth full-length album by the Australian Black/Thrash Metal band.
Aussie (now relocated to The Netherlands) Extreme Metal unit starts out in 1994 as a solo-project of Bestial Warlust guitarist KK Warslut and quickly gains international attention as well as critical acclaim.
Controversial hybrid Metal unit Deströyer 666 is back for more shredding and hedonistic misadventure on their fourth outing, "Defiance", new album from a band many have dubbed practitioners of “War Metal.”
Deströyer 666’s music has historically been nihilistic (proudly so for Warslut’s purposes) even to the point they’ve even been accused of conjuring up white supremacy issues in the past. However, "Defiance" somehow comes off far less shocking than any of Deströyer 666’s previous efforts and honestly, it is all to the good this time.
While "Defiance" does hearken back to Warslut’s Black Metal roots in various increments (particularly his bellowing rasps and the random breakaway tempos set at vengeance’s pace) largely the album focuses more on finding proper grooves and dark melody to make it Deströyer 666’s most mature recording to date. Whether you agree with Warslut’s principles or not, "Defiance" is the most listenable album Deströyer 666 has unfurled. For a change, this album takes the guilt out of guilty pleasure.
Band return to a more melodic offensive supported by excellent dynamics. “Defiance” executes their attack with a mastery that reveals the expertise of long serving veterans in the field. This album overwhelms all resistance by massive strikes of crushing riffs and constantly pushing guitars that have been a trademark of the Australians since their debut album “Unchain The Wolves” (1997).
Deströyer 666 are redefining the Extreme Metal genre with melodic hymns of stunning atmospheric density. Join the unstoppable advance of “Defiance” or be swept away into oblivion!!
Season Of Mist, 2009 (SOM 204). Made in France. Pressed in Austria. First press.

1. Weapons Of Conquest 
2. I Am Not Deceived 
3. Blood For Blood 
4. The Barricades Are Breaking 
5. Stand Defiant 
6. Path To Conflict 
7. A Thousand Plagues 
8. Human All Too Human 
9. Sermon To The Dead 
10. The Truth

There is a 10th track listed in the layout titled "The Truth" that does not actually appear on the album or even exist as such. Rather, according to the band, it is intended as "a statement about the nature of an ultimate truth" and refers to the true final track "A Sermon to the Dead", which is in turn described as an "ode to Abraxas".
Track 5 is also erroneously printed "Stand Defiant" on the album's insert.


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