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DELANY “Blaze And Ashes” /CD/

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  • DELANY “Blaze And Ashes” /CD/
  • DELANY “Blaze And Ashes” /CD/
  • DELANY “Blaze And Ashes” /CD/

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    Band: DELANY
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The only full-length studio album by German-American Melodic Heavy Metal supergroup.
A concept album that is based on Wolfgang Hohlbein's fantasy novel "Glut und Asche" fom the cycle "Chronik des Unsterblichen" ("Chronicles of the Immortal").
Delany is a side project by Volker Leson, bass player of Wizard. Line-up also includes members of Orchid, Vicious Rumors, Tank, Lana Lane and other bands.
Volker Leson had the idea of putting together such an album with the help of Davy Vain, who has his publicity share through the late 80s Glam Metal band Vain and thereafter songwriter and producer with famous acts like Journey and Van Halen. In this odd attempt (for the Metal scene's standards) the two musicians put up an all-star project and gave birth to "Blood And Ashes" under the moniker of Delany.
The album is in constant motion and in every song changes musical direction, served by the respective singer who adds his/her own 'flavor'. David Readman (Pink Cream 69, Adagio, Voodoo Circle) has the perfect timbre on the title track. The next song, "Here Comes Lonely", features the high-pitched vocals of Davy Vain. The music is still Hard Rock oriented, but with an underlying Primal Fear, lining that shines through the guitar driven structure and the hearty solo. "Hence", the next song sung by Lana Lane, who brings a nice Symphonic Metal approach but not through the typical operatic looking glass. Mrs Lane has a Hard Rock smooth voice and distinct high pitches that fit the novel-soundtrack like a glove.
The above description of the three first songs of the album underlines the album's structure that takes the listener through different musical landscapes. Every song creates different images and feelings, enhanced by the different singers. David Readman has the lion's share behind the microphone, making thinking of Arjen's works with Ayreon, but with less complexity. Among the highlights is "Web Over London", with the catchy like hell chorus, the piano based power ballad "Eternity Is Yours" (Lana Lane sounds perfect) and the closing "London Bridge", with the wonderful vocal harmonies.
Music Buy Mail, 2009 (MBM CD6045). First press. Used (cover/disc): NM/EX+.

1. Blood And Ashes 4:59
2. Here Comes Lonely 5:20
3. Love Tears 4:19
4. Incarnation 6:01
5. Web Over London 5:21
6. Eternity Is Yours 3:38
7. Planets Turning 5:57
8. Shadow On Your Heart 4:53
9. Distance Of Love 4:20
10. Dead Undead 4:05
11. London Bridge 5:27
Total playing time: 54:22 min.

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