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DEFACED CREATION “Serenity In Chaos” /CD/

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First re-release on CD of the debut and only full-length album by Swedish Brutal Death Metal band.
Excellent Deicide-influenced Death Metal played in the pure spirit by members of Aeon! This is essentially pre-Aeon music, hard-hitting, aggressive and insanely catchy.
The band was formed under the name of Unorthodox back in 1993. They changed their name to Defaced Creation because there already existed a band with the name Unorthodox. After demo, EP and two Split-releases, this album was the last recording for the band. Soon after the split-up, four of the members formed Aeon.
Guitarists Jorgen Bylander and Zeb Nilsson obviously had been honing their skills for years, as the work seen on "Serenity In Chaos" is nothing less than amazing, an amalgamation of riffs and leads that definitely deliver the goods. Death Metal with a hook may sound fishy, but Defaced Creation certainly pull it off in a resounding style that both elevates and separates them from their peers.
"Serenity In Chaos" may not have found as much recognition as some other albums within the Swedish Death Metal scene but one could endlessly argue it was not because of any lack of quality; one thing everyone can agree on is that from front to back "Serenity In Chaos" is an incredibly solid and balanced Death Metal album. Although unfortunately Defaced Creation dissolved sometime shortly after the release of their sole album, the majority of the band's members did finally earn their deserved success with their next Death Metal endeavor Aeon, who is still together today. Lost but not forgotten, Defaced Creation’s "Serenity In Chaos" doesn’t skate by on Swedish Death Metal’s honored reputation but is a prime example of what gives it one in the first place!
This is a special reissue with a brand new artwork, layout and packaging. It’s been well sought after and we’re lucky to have the reissue of this great and terribly overlooked Swedish Death Metal band!!
For fans of Deicide and Immolation!!!
Punishment 18 Records, 1999/2014 (P18R 075). Made in Italy.

1. Baptised In Fire 4:02 
2. Macabre Exposure Of Fleshly Devotion 2:03 
3. Fire Temple 2:19 
4. Kill The Light 2:34 
5. Devastation 2:55 
6. Return In Black 2:20 
7. Cannibalistic Feast 2:27 
8. Stillborn 2:39 
9. The Victorious Underworld 3:15 
10. Infernal 2:46 
11. Enslave The Christians 2:55 
12. Fall 2:25
Total playing time: 32:30 min.

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