DECEPTOR "The Legend" /CD/

The only one CD from this old Greek Heavy Metal band, one of the pioneers in Progressive Metal.
This compilation bootleg contains all of their demos plus some live recordings which had never been released before.
The vocal reminds in a way the early Queensryche, Sanctuary, but still has his own unique identity which characterizes the whole band.
Unisound Records, 2002 (USR 046)

1.Too Late For Heroes 04:56
2.Winner in the Battle of Nothing 02:10
3.The War That Two Persons Make 06:19
4.Nemesis 08:00
5.Dome of Wrath 07:07
6.White Fatal Lady 04:09
7.It's Not For Sale 03:11
8.Chasing the Dream 05:09
9.Forever Young 04:42
10.There's a Way 06:00
11.I Can Feel the Power 03:53
12.Damned Angel 05:56
13.Second Sun 06:36
14.Instrumental 04:30
Total playing time: 72:38

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