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Re-release on one CD of the two EPs ("Tree Of Woe" 2012 and "Pantokrator" 2010) by Danish Stoner/Heavy Metal band.
Heavy/Doom Metal with 70's influences! Ostensibly a Doom band, Death Rides A Horse are suitably different from almost every other Doom band out there because their love of Metal does not begin and end with Black Sabbath. There is a Classic Rock sensibility that washes through the Sludgy riffs hinting at elements of Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Judas Priest and more, as well as the ubiquitous Sabbath references. The other element that provides Death Rides A Horse with such a sharp edge is their stunning vocalist/bassist Ida Hollesen who is quite simply one of the best female singers in Metal, comparable with the wonderful Anneke Van Giersbergen, and possessed of a voice and attitude that is perfectly suited to the band’s dark sound.
Death Rides A Horse are unequivocally awesome. You can pick at any aspect you like – the production, the vocals, the instrumentation, the song writing – and you will always come to the same conclusion: it is flawless. Ida is a stunning front woman, her vocals delivered with passion, conviction and rare ability, whilst the band are perfectly in tune with her, knowing when to blaze away in a fit of technical possession and when to hold back, allowing her voice to shine brightly.
Whilst the older EP offers a rawer sound, it is perfectly acceptable in its own right and suffers only briefly in comparison to its newer, shinier cousin, before you are once again lost in the music. This is Doom, but done with a style, panache and love of classic Heavy Metal that makes it frantically enjoyable from start to finish.
The fact that one of the tracks is a Scorpions cover, cementing this Doom band’s love of classic Heavy Metal once and for all, highlights the fact that you have an absolute winner on your hands.
"Tree Of A Woe" is a stunning release that may even be one of the best releases of the year!
Re-release features unreleased track “Dominion Of Metal”.
Infernö Records, 2010/2012/2013 (IR020CD). Made in France. First press. Pressed in Macedonia.

1. For Those About To Die 
2. (A Unified Vision Of A Transgalactic Empire) Open The Gates 
3. Tree Of Woe 
4. Beyond The Granite Threshold 
5. Pantokrator 
6. The Eye
7. Fly To The Rainbow
8. Dominion Of Metal

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