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DATURA “Spreading The Absorption” /Pit-Art CD/

  • DATURA “Spreading The Absorption” /Pit-Art CD/

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    Band: DATURA
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The fifth full-length album by Ukrainian Brutal Death Metal band.
After giving us a total masterpiece in 2010 with "Standing Wave", Datura is finally back with a highly anticipated album "Spreading the Absorption"!
Ten songs of pure blasting madness with inhuman growls and ruthless aggression! The band had a lot of pressure with this fifth album but have managed to match and even surpass their previous release in a ingenious way as always! This bomb of pure Brutal Death Metal is very raw, brutal and totally influenced old Deeds Of Flesh, and making it to a great way!
The production is just completely perfect, also mixing with a very present bass, heavy sound and totally disgusting that sounds like bricks you're going to sh*t while listening to this disc.
Dmitryi on Vocals is great, an enjoyable and addicting guttural with a higher level such as great bands like Cerebral Effusion and company, his work at the bass is awesome helped by the production putting his job in front. Anton on Guitars is just perfect, only delivering awesome riffs, addictive, really brutal and he is giving a lesson of true brutality with a flawless sick composition. Finally, Eduard on drums is damn fantastic with his omnipresent blasts ever-changing tempos and doing a brutal and sick performance.
"Spreading The Absorption" is 29 minutes of pure Brutal Death Metal enjoyable at all levels. An album sounds really sick with compositions totally insane, raw and addictive as BDM of the old days and it's perfect from start to end! Datura just delivers one of the best releases of the year and "Spreading The Absorption" is a must for all Brutal Death Metallers enjoying their roots and wanting to hear some real f***ing sh*t! Total F***ing Blasterpiece of Sh*t!!
Coyote Records, 2014 (COY 137-14). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Connective Tissue 02:33 
2. Fuck-Ups 02:27 
3. Initially Fucked Inside Out 02:50 
4. Dismemberment 03:18 
5. Radical Recidive 02:37 
6. Human Bomb Pieces Wrapped with Pork Skin 02:39 
7. Working Through Bullshit 02:11 
8. Terminate 03:50 
9. Trademark Strike 02:36 
10. Carve Letter K 03:53
Total playing time: 28:54


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