DARK GOD “Return Of The Blasphemy” / NECRODEAD “Trauma” /Ltd. Split LP + Patch/

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The split album by two Chilean Death/Thrash Metal bands.
Limited to 300 copies Gatefold Split-LP contains Dark God's "Return Of The Blasphemy" EP 2016 and Necrodead's "Trauma" Demo 1991.
Dark God returns with a new EP, recorded in Chile, mixed and mastered in Europe (Bulgary). The EP consist of 5 tracks.
Necrodead bring us memories of how difficult was to record Metal back in the day. This work was recorded in the Attic studios, Santiago, using an analog multitrack device. Today it was remastered in Spain, to finally obtain this great demo in the format that deserves. 4 killer tracks that shows a tendency to old Sodom with some Black Metal influences that binds together.
“Return Of The Blasphemy” & “Trauma” split album form together a pure Old School Deathrash bomb, which must be in your collection of blasphemous Metal! Without a doubt a deluxe piece on Vinyl!!
Agresor Records, 2017 (AR-008-16). Made in Chile. Pressed in Holland.


Side A
DARK GOD “Return of the Blasphemy”

1. Master of Shadows (Intro) 1:22
2. God in Your Mind Upon the Darkness 4:31
3. Attack of Demon's 3:44
4. Dark God (Instrumental) 4:41
5. Perdition of the Life 5:05

Side B

1. Pleasure To Fault 6:13
2. Apathy 5:31
3. Civic or Shit 4:44
4. Living In Cruelty 8:02

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