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DARK ANGELS “Symphony Of Bridal Veil” /CD/

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The debut full-length album by Czech Symphonic/Gothic/Doom Metal band.
Like many other young bands, Dark Angels released their debut full-length with no or little support of music industry.
Lucie Avramová possesses an unusual voice with an extraordinary colour, however, her voice sounds like a hesitation between Sharon Den Adel’s Gothic chants and Angela Gossow’s infernal roaring. Occasionally, female voice is accompanied wit a male Death grunt, as to be heard in “Tale About One Dream”.
Concerning the tempo, most songs are relaxed and do not rush towards their end. The drumming is rather difficult to notice. With Atmospheric Metal, nobody expects tremendous drum solos and breathtaking speed, and this also applies to guitar and bass parts. Concerning the instruments, they are really well equalized, none of them dominates and all of them are legible.
Fortunately, there is no obvious “smash hit” that would surpass the rest of the album; the balance of the album is just little disrupted with the last track “See You In Hell”, which is a lot rawer than the rest of the album and probably indicates where the musical taste of members of the band is. Excluding this song from consideration, “Symphony Of Bridal Veil” is a short yet attractive display of Dark Angels’ potential!
IFA Records, 2007. Made in Czech. First press.

1. Last Firing Match 05:25
2. Land Full of Slaves 04:07
3. Symphony of Bridal Veil 03:17
4. Frozen 04:54
5. Tale About One Dream 01:26
6. My Feelings 05:20
7. Eleanor 03:57
8. See You in Hell 02:52
Total playing time: 31:25

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